Customs Brokerage

Supported by Sub Agents with regional offices across Canada and a U.S. affiliated Licenced Customs Broker, our team of customs and transportation experts can carry out all of your importing and exporting needs 24 hours a day-seven days a week.

Our services include:

Canadian customs brokerage
US customs brokerage – Sub Agent – US Affiliated Licenced Customs Broker
International freight forwarding
Non-resident importer services
Customs advisory services
Supply chain management
Trade Consultantcy

Sterling Customs Brokers aims to bring more transparency and customer feedback into the Canadian Customs brokerage business.

Operating in a highly regulated industry has allowed many Canadian Customs brokerages to resist change more than most industries. Internet technology adoption has been slow, with relatively few web sites offering online status updates, live web chat, online document management, and other new services.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality customs brokerages services offering the most modern features with our up to date web site.

Broker Phone Support – When you call Sterling Customs Brokers you are assured that you can get access to a licensed broker on the phone. Many brokerages will have low-paid and less experienced “entry coordinators” dealing with importers, instead of the licensed broker of record. Sterling Customs Brokers ensure the customs broker takes the time to address your concerns.

Rapid E-Mail Response Times – Sterling Customs Brokers respond quickly to your e-mail inquires. and when it comes to day-to-day issues involved in clearing customs.

Online Document Management – At its heart, clearing shipments through Canada Customs is all about managing documents and forms. Every time you import a shipment, you’ll need to submit a commercial invoice, bill of lading, arrival notice, packing list and other documents. Sterling Customs Brokerage allows you to submit these documents through an online uploader. Regardless of how you submit your documents to us, they should appear in an online document manager that lets you know exactly what you’ve submitted and what’s still missing.

Status updates on the Web – From the Sterling Customs Brokers websites, clients can track and trace all shipments (PARS/PAPS) online.

Phone & SMS Alerts – Sterling Customs Brokers will call you right away, and better yet, we can set up SMS notifications based on criteria of your choosing.

Free HS Classification Services – At Sterling Customs brokers, we take the time to classify all your shipments according to the Harmonized Schedule. Our customs broker understand the implications of the different classifications and make sure that we choose the appropriate one, with an emphasis on keeping your tariffs low.

Customs Drawback Services – If your company frequently exports goods overseas which were first imported into the U.S., then you Sterling Customs Brokers with expertise in filing customs drawbacks. We are able to speed up the process of getting your refund for any duties paid when the goods were first imported.

Remote Entry Filing – If you import goods into more than one Canadian Port we would make sure that we can arrange for a Remote Entry Filing (R.E.F.) with Canada Border Services Agency(CBSA) This will make it quick and easy for us to process your entries regardless of which port you choose.

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