With Canada and U.S. Customs’ administrations shifting their commercial enforcement activities away from the border to your office, the development and implementation of a compliant trade strategy has become more important than ever.

Sterling Customs Brokers also, offers a consulting service that is geared to assist you to enhance your firm’s compliance profile with Customs, which can lead to faster releases of shipments, eligibility for enhanced options with Customs and a reduction in risk of penalties and fines. We will explore every opportunity for preferential tariff treatment, reduce the risk of AMPS, and recover excess duties and taxes paid. Sterling Customs Brokers consulting services look after your bottom line!

Compliance and Security
Our compliance review service simulates an actual customs audit, helping you recognize where you are not compliant. We will recommend ways to improve your internal customs process and reduce risk, whether from potential penalties or from missed opportunities to reduce duty payable.

Sterling Customs Brokers NAFTA maintenance program is a set of customized solutions designed to maximize your company’s ability to benefit from the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The program will help you to improve compliance, reduce duties, optimize your cross-border trading opportunities and assist you to create a more effective supply chain. As a result, you can increase the competitiveness of your products in the markets.

Client Set-Up
The Client Set-Up service is designed to facilitate the transition of your customs brokerage process to Sterling Customs Brokers. Through a review of past importations, we recover any over payments of customs duties, develop and refine the tariff base to improve competitiveness and compliance to CCRA and CBSA regulations.

We also assist our clients and their supply chain stakeholders in the assessment and application of security initiatives including:-

  • Harmonized Tariff System classification
  • Harmonized Tariff/valuation appeals
  • Duty rates and trade agreements
  • Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) Compliance Audits
  • Customs Manuals and documentation preparation
  • Customs Self Assessment (CSA)
  • Partners in Protection (P.I.P)
  • Free and Secure Trade (F.A.S.T.)
  • Rulings
  • Duty Drawbacks, refunds and amends
  • Government appeals
  • Compliance/verification audits
  • Tax requirements and exemptions
  • Other government requirements

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